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Frequently Asked Questions

What resources do churches receive?
With every purchase, churches will receive the 30-minute sermon-replacement film, promotional videos, branded social media promotional images, downloadable PDFs for posters, invite cards, and bulletin shells along with 50 copies of the Football Sunday 2020 Magazine.  For a complete list of these resources and when they will become available to participating churches check out the Football Sunday Package HERE.
What's the vision for Football Sunday?

Our goal is to introduce as many people to Jesus as possible and to use this global event as a leveraging opportunity to make that introduction. Our vision for Football Sunday 2020 is larger and more far-reaching than ever before. We’re not only providing a media resource that will equip pastors to impact their communities, but we’re also providing life-giving resources that will help transform the lives of children living in abject poverty around the world.

Think of it this way: Impact your community. Transform the world.


To help accomplish this transformational ripple effect, we’re donating over half the price of every FBS package sold to the ministry of Compassion International - a trusted ministry partner that continues to employ a strategy that’s Christ-centered, child-focused, and church-based.


Read more about the vision on our 'About' page HERE.

Is this for Christ-followers too?
Absolutely. Our creative team carefully balances message to those inside and outside of the Christian church. Christian words and phrases that are "insider-only" language are always explained by the host and/or the players.
How many people have seen Football Sunday thus far?
More than 5 million people.
How many people have come into a relationship with Jesus as a result of Football Sunday?
That's always a difficult question to answer, but our best sources tell us that more than 20,000 people have made a first-time commitment to follow Jesus.
Which video format will I receive?
You’ll receive a 1920 x 1080 (HD) video, using an .h264 format. We’ve found that this format works with most presentation software programs.
Will this play in Powerpoint?
Most likely, yes. Please test the entire film before you play it in your services. If this doesn’t work, we suggest you play it in your computer’s native video player and bypass Powerpoint altogether.
What should I do if I'm still deciding about using Football Sunday in my church?
The best thing is to view the 2019 version of Football Sunday. (HERE)  Experience the stories of Demario Davis, Kirk Cousins, and Case Keenum.  A similar format will be followed for this year’s version.
When will the resources be made available?
Check out our Content Release Schedule HERE.
Why should I use Football Sunday in my church?
In a word ... momentum. The life of any church is full of ebbs and flows. Whenever a senior leader can leverage a cultural event for the glory of God, everyone wins. February is normally a lower-attended month in many churches because it’s between Christmas and Easter. But Football Sunday offers a chance for February to become a month filled with momentum, not a digression.
Is there any sponsor advertising in any of the video options?
Where can I legally show Football Sunday?
The promotional videos are yours to use without restriction in your church services and on your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). We’ve taken great care in producing promo videos with specific uses in mind.
The final version short-film can only be played in your gatherings and worship settings on Super Bowl weekend.
Due to licensing restrictions NFL Films places on us, you may not post the final version on any social media platforms or anywhere on the internet.