Super Bowl Weekend Media

The following video and graphic elements are included to help you reach your community on Super Bowl weekend:

  • Main Film - A complete 30-minute film designed to take the place of the sermon. Versions are includes with and without a Gospel presentation and prayer at the conclusion.
  • Short Format Film - An 11-13 minute version of the same film.
  • Three stand-alone versions of the main film, each featuring just one player testimony/story. These are perfect for pastors who want to use Football Sunday only as a sermon tee-up.

Football Sunday Marketing Media

Churches are using this resource to reach deep into their communities, inviting people who might not come to church otherwise. To help your church in advancing the Kingdom, the following video and graphic elements are available:

  • A Football Sunday 2019 poster (printing not included). Customizable and finished versions are provided.
  • Promo videos from the players to your church members, encouraging them to invite their friends. Customizable and finished versions are provided.
  • Invitations from NFL athletes for churches to use on their OWN social channels.
  • Football Sunday logo animation for you to create custom promotional videos.
  • Social graphics for your church's social channels.
  • Programming elements and concepts - ideas for maximum effectiveness to implement in your church.

Super Bowl Party Media

For those hosting a Super Bowl party, short- and longer-form videos will be available to use in homes, church viewings and family gatherings.