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Churches Participating in Football Sunday 2018

The History of Football Sunday

Football Sunday 2018

Format: 28- and 12-minute main videos
Featuring: Matt Forte, Carson Wentz, and Demario Davis
Hosted By: James Brown, CBS Sports Anchor

  • Shown by thousands of churches across the nation
  • Football Sunday appeared on the Hillsong channel

View 2018 Video

Football Sunday 2017

Format: 28- and 12-minute main videos, three five-minute videos, three-week teaching series
Featuring: Anquan Boldin, Brandon & Michi Marshall, D’Brickashaw & Kirsten Ferguson, Matthew Slater, Devin McCourty, Nate Solder
Hosted By: Benjamin Watson & Kristen Watson with narration by James Brown of CBS
Audience Reached: 3,217 churches; Hillsong Channel distribution

  • According to pastor surveys, more than 15,000 people came to Christ
  • Football Sunday appeared on the Hillsong Channel 30 minutes before gametime

View 2017 Video

Football Sunday 2016

Format: 28- and 12-minute main videos, three-week teaching series
Featuring: Trent Dilfer, Drew Brees, Thomas Davis Sr., DeMarcus Ware, Charles Tillman
Hosted By: Trent Dilfer and Miles McPherson
Audience Reached: 3,008 churches; 1.323 million people viewed

  • According to pastor surveys, more than 5,000 people came to Christ
  • We discovered Super Bowl Sunday had become the third largest church attendance day for churches participating in Football Sunday

View 2016 Video

Football Sunday 2015

Format: 28-minute sermon replacement video
Featuring: Brandon Marshall, Matt Hasselbeck, Russell Wilson, Russell O’Kung, Matthew Slater, Nate Solder
Hosted By: Trent Dilfer Audience Reached: 1,400 churches; 616,000 people viewed

  • Our goal was to have 250 churches show the video, but to our surprise we reached more than 1,400!
  • 98% of churches said they would participate in 2016

View 2015 Video

What Is Football Sunday?

Football Sunday is a movement from within sports to bring glory to the Name above all Names on football’s biggest day. Sports Spectrum provides free resources for churches that include; an in-church video presentation starring famous NFL players, a 32 page magazine uniquely designed around the Super Bowl, and many tools to help you reach out into your community around football’s biggest day.

You can treat Football Sunday like a guest speaker; simply add it to your service where the sermon would normally take place and invite your community to get an inspiring inside look at faith in the NFL in a way that's relatable to all people.

What Are People Saying?

"It was very well done! We drew a record number of people to our service because of this event. We had an accomplished high school football coach in tears he was so moved. It was as we hoped. . . a great event to invite unchurched people to. Thanks for creating this well-done football video!"

"Thank you! We used this for our afternoon outreach meeting (feeding ministry). I am going to follow up next week with them, but many in the room spoke the prayer at the end. It was a great tool to use that changed up our normal service. Always looking for new ways to reach our community. Thank you!"


What does it cost?

Nothing. NFL players and sponsors have underwritten all the production, distribution, and promotional costs, but there are no promotional considerations and there is no advertising in the video.

What do we get?

The following, to be used at your option:

  • 3-week sermon series with Bible verse prompts, song suggestions, and links to downloadable videos for use on the weekends of the two Conference Championship games, the Pro Bowl weekend, and the Big Game itself.
  • Promotional materials (Facebook cover images, images for Instagram and Twitter, printables like posters, flyers, small handout cards, etc.)
  • Supplementary videos.
  • 2 versions of the main video; a 6-minute “lite? version, and the full-length version at around 30 minutes in length.
  • 32 page downloadable magazine.
  • Four page, downloadable Football Sunday gospel brochure.
  • Resources to help you invite people in your community to your church service or Super Bowl party.

Why do I want promotional materials?

To facilitate using the event as an outreach to those in your community who are far from God and to build excitement within your congregation. We encourage you to embrace the outreach aspect of the event!

Is there technical support?

If you’re used to showing downloaded videos in your church, there won’t be anything unfamiliar about the files we provide. The Open Network support and community will be available to those participating in Football Sunday.

Do I have to sign up or can I just download everything on Friday before the game?

Signing up allows us to send you promo materials as they are created. Also, since the film contains players who will play in this year’s Super Bowl, we need to edit all the way up to a few days before the game. Clicking "Notify Me" allows us to inform you when the film is ready to be downloaded.