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Check out Football Sunday 2020

What Others Are Saying About Football Sunday

What You Get


Each church receives the tools to maximize the Football Sunday Experience for the big weekend.

  • A playbook for hosting Football Sunday in your church.

  • Promotional videos from NFL players

    Use these for your in-service, social media platforms, and email marketing efforts

  • Social Media Images of NFL players

    Pre-designed graphics for your church’s social platforms as well as a digital outreach tool

  • 50 Copies of Football Sunday 2020 Magazine

    Use as an outreach tool 24-page bonus issue of Sports Spectrum Magazine highlighting the players featured in Football Sunday 2020

    50% discount on additional Football Sunday Magazines


Everything your church needs to create a transformational weekend for your community.

  • 30-minute short-film to be used as a sermon replacement

    Hear the faith journey of three current NFL players and how God is the MVP of their lives.

    Pastors can choose between a version with or without the Gospel presentation.

  • Four-Minute Pre-Service Countdown Video

    Prepare your congregation for the Football Sunday experience as they enter your church

  • Animated Intro Video

    Designed to use as a service kickoff, worship starter, or sermon tee-up

  • Print-Ready Media

    Custom designed to complete the Football Sunday Experience

    • Football Sunday Bulletin Shell
    • PDF Download of the Football Sunday 2020 Poster
    • PDF Download of the Football Sunday 2020 Invite Card

Still Unsure? Check out Last years Football SUnday Video Below


ALL FOR $199

Over 50% of the purchase price for Football Sunday is donated to Compassion International
to release children from poverty in Jesus name. -- MORE INFO

Your church is already thinking about it.
So what if you used the big game to reach your city?

The Invitation

Discover the vision of Football Sunday from our President and former NFL Quarterback, Steve Stenstrom.

The Impact

Encounter Football Sunday's influence from Director and Creative Pastor, Gary Molander.

Use Football Sunday to reach your city.

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