What Is Football Sunday?

Football Sunday is a collection of free media resources for churches to use on Super Bowl weekend, created to introduce believers and non-believers to NFL athletes, many of whom are playing in this year's Super Bowl. This evangelistic media presentation points unapologetically toward Jesus, and displays how these athletes are decreasing so that the life of Christ might increase in and through them. Hear stories from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum, and New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis. It's all hosted by New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson, on location in New Orleans. The Football Sunday movement has gone global, and this year promises to speak to your church and your community in ways only God can inspire.

  • For those hosting a Super Bowl party, this 5-6 minute video will feature players discussing marriage, relationships, and parenting. Use at any time on Super Bowl Sunday in your home, your church viewings, and family gatherings.
  • Main Football Sunday Video - A complete 30-minute short-film designed to take the place of the sermon. Pastors can choose between a version with a Gospel presentation at the conclusion, or a version without the Gospel presentation.
  • Sermon Supplement: Kirk Cousins - A stand-alone 5-minute video featuring the story of Kirk Cousins. Main topics include: Trusting in God’s plan, even when things seem impossible.
  • Sermon Supplement: Case Keenum - A stand-alone 5-minute video featuring the story of Case and Kimberly Keenum. Main topics include: The Great Commission, making disciples, uncertainty. 
  •  Sermon Supplement: Demario Davis - A stand-alone 5-minute video featuring the story of Demario Davis. Main topics - Dark to light, evangelism, placing our faith in Christ.
  • A Football Sunday 2019 poster 
  • Promo videos from the players to your church members. 
  • Invitations from NFL athletes for churches to use on their OWN social channels.
  • Social graphics for your church's social channels.
Sports Spectrum isn’t your typical sports magazine. Like other publications, you’ll find great stories, photos and interviews of some of the top athletes in the country. But you’ll also read about how faith plays a role in these athletes’ lives. They don’t live to be defined by their sport, they live to be defined by God.
Published four times a year, with occasional special issues for certain events, Sports Spectrum Magazine is where sports and faith connect. It’s perfect for the sports fan who loves Jesus, for the sports fan who’s curious about Jesus, and for the sports fan who has yet to discover Jesus.
In each issue, you can expect intriguing stories of athletes living out their faith, a look at what’s happening in the world of sports in general, devotionals from athletes themselves, and a Gospel message detailing how readers can accept Christ into their lives.

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Share Your Faith at Your Home Super Bowl Party

Football Sunday 2019 is not just for church, but also a great way to leverage your Super Bowl parties and special church gatherings for the glory of God. New for 2019, you’ll have streaming and download access to a special 5-6 minute film where NFL players and their wives discuss relationships, marriage, and parenting. You’ll also gain access to some fantastic resources from our friends at Focus on the Family. Take advantage of the opportunity to not just cheer on your team to victory, but to help your friends and neighbors experience freedom, hope, and abundant life.

Get The Playbook For An Outreach Win. 

We have created this free resource to help you turn the big weekend into the most significant outreach you will do this year. Simply download it now and start winning! 

Dealing With Adversity

NFL quarterback Drew Brees encourages listeners to find strength in the face of adversity on the Focus on the Family Broadcast.

The New Dads Playbook

If you’ve never been a dad before, it can feel very awkward when a new baby enters the family. NFL tight end Benjamin Watson is the father of five young children (and twins on the way). In this episode of the Focus on the Family Broadcast, he offers advice from The New Dads Playbook on everything from supporting your wife through pregnancy to balancing work and family.


Rushing off to work ... coming home weary ... paying the bills ... raising the kids. It often seems like an endless cycle. If your heart longs for something or someone that will give meaning to your existence, this article can help. We'll take a straightforward look at the things people value in this world and show that there is much more to life. You'll learn that nothing is more valuable than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And by joining God's family, you can have a first-class, quality life - a winning life.