Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Football Sunday cost?

    There is no financial cost to the church to show Football Sunday. NFL players and sponsors have unwritten all production expenses.

  • Is there any sponsor advertising in any of the video options?


  • What resources do churches receive?

    Please see the Resources page.

  • What's the heartbeat around Football Sunday?

    In a word, evangelism. Our goal is to introduce as many people to Jesus as possible, and to use this global event as a leveraging opportunity to make that introduction.

  • Is this for Christ-followers too?

    Absolutely. Our creative team carefully balances scripting to those inside and outside of the Christian church. Christian words and phrases that are "insider-only" language are always explained by the host and/or the players.

  • How many people have seen Football Sunday thus far?

    More than 5 million people.

  • How many people have come into a relationship with Jesus as a result of Football Sunday?

    That's always a difficult question to answer, but our best sources tell us that more than 17,000 people have made a first-time commitment to follow Jesus.

  • Is there technical support?

    Yes. We partner with the Open Network to provide the highest quality technical support and distribution methods.

  • What should I do if I'm still deciding about using Football Sunday in my church?

    The best thing is to view the past years of Football Sunday. Start with 2017 to experience Benjamin and Kirsten Watson hosting three player stories. That will give you the best idea of what's to come in 2019.

  • When will the resources be made available?

    The marketing materials will roll out in late November and December. The main films will be available for download the Wednesday before Super Bowl weekend (because our filmmakers are traveling to each Super Bowl team's city for player interviews at the last minute).

  • If I sign up, am I committing to Football Sunday?

    No. You're simply allowing us to inform you in real time as materials are made available for your church.

  • Why should I use Football Sunday in my church?

    In a word ... momentum. The life of churches are full of ebbs and flows. Anytime a senior leader can leverage a cultural event for the glory of God, everyone wins. February is normally a lower-attended month in many churches, simply because it is between Christmas and Easter. But Football Sunday offers a chance for February to become a month filled with momentum, not digression.